Training Programs

The people in your company or organisation are your most valuable asset. How they think, communicate and behave toward each other, can make or break a successful project or desired organisational outcome. Did you know that just one individual can affect the dynamic of the whole team? The action or inaction of one team member can paralyse the rest of your team. You have the potential to optimise the performance of your whole team by providing coaching to the non-performers. Understanding and improving how people relate to each other in your teams is crucial to your bottom line. Being prepared to invest in individuals will have a big pay off in terms of team productivity.

Team Building Workshops and Coaching

Are your team members ready to make the most of the upturn in the economy, or are they still stuck in fearful response mode? We all know that uncertain economic times bring personal feelings of anxiety, insecurity and lack of self esteem. Even though there are signs that the economy is improving now, many of your staff will still be experiencing these feelings. If they are not addressed they will impact on the team’s ability to optimise their performance at a time when your business or your company needs to be in recovery and growth mode.

Results Coaching will help your staff remove the boundaries and limitations they put on themselves so they can concentrate on building your business and achieving your goals.

Results Coaching can work with your teams and with individuals on a one to one basis to identify to resolve personal and performance issues such as:

  • Lack of belief in self
  • Fear of making mistakes
  • Not having the confidence to make a decision
  • Fear of being knocked back
  • Lack of confidence in following through
  • Unwilling to take no for an answer
  • Fear of looking foolish, or not being taken seriously
  • Inability to delegate
  • Fear of presenting to a team
  • Unwilling to be challenged or take risks

Effective workplace behaviours can be learned, and a small investment in training/coaching can have a big pay off in improved productivity and efficiency. Results Coaching can turn your teams around in just 5 sessions.

Improving your staff capability will spin off many positive outcomes for your company. Don’t let the economic upswing pass your company by because your team members are consumed with these fears. Can you afford not to take action now to address these issues?

Custom Designed Training Programs

Results Coaching can custom design training programs to focus on the organisational issues your company is experiencing. We also deliver workshops and one on one coaching, focused on tools and strategies to:

  • Overcome group think
  • Improve team communication
  • Develop management capabilities
  • Develop negotiation skills
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Improve presentation skills
  • Harness team energy
  • Set achievable goals
  • Overcome negative behaviours
  • Turn strategy into action
  • Create a work environment where innovation and creativity can flourish.

Make your workplace a healthy place to be

Dysfunctional teams, lazy or procrastinating co-workers, bullies in the workplace, and other negative behaviours produce high levels of anxiety in your staff. Highly anxious staff cannot perform well; teams break down, sick leave increases, you lose good people and ultimately it is your bottom line that is affected. It can also quickly become an OHS issue.

Tiptoeing around emotional issues is not an effective strategy. People don’t just get over these things. Grudges are held. Negative behaviour loops become entrenched. More time is spent on talking about other team members than on working with them to achieve business goals. You are losing money if your teams are not working to their full potential and capacity.

If you invest in building collegial, supportive and cooperative workplace relations you will have lower staff turnover, fewer sick days and higher productivity. Your employees will experience greater levels of job satisfaction and your business outcomes and profitability will improve.

Results Coaching can tailor coaching programs for individuals, and workshops for teams, to rid them of these destructive behaviours. Take the decision now to change your workplace for the better. Build a healthy and vibrant workplace environment with Results Coaching.

Results Coaching Training Programs deliver:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Customised programs to meet your particular workplace challenges
  • Highly trained and experienced workshop facilitators experienced in coaching and group process, management and communication
  • Highly interactive workshops based on real work scenarios
  • Flexibility and creativity in the delivery of your program
  • Skill transfer to the workplace
  • A combination of face to face and online delivery

We are happy to spend time with you identifying your training needs and advising on a suitable program of training for yourself, for your teams, for your organisation.

Let Results Coaching help you become the difference you want to see in yourself, your work team, your corporation. We Coach for lasting Results!

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